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3-Day Festival Pass Starts at $339

Every person joining Camp Dirtybird needs a 3-day Festival pass or a VIB Pass.

  • Enjoy music on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with 2 music stages (Birdhouse & Bass Lodge).
  • Take part in 3 days of Adult Summer Camp Field Games with over 60+ games and activities.
  • You’ll be assigned to a color team upon arrival.
  • Claude's Cabin, the 3rd stage, will be filled with laughter and camper competitions (e.g., Talent Show, Beatbox, Scavenger Hunt and Best in Show).
  • Also, don’t miss out on Late Night Events like Bingo, Frickfrack Blackjack and Fireside Storytelling.
  • Water activities (Floatie race, Paddleboarding, Swimming, etc.)
  • Includes camping!

VIB (VERY IMPORTANT BIRD) Pass starts at $499 and allows you ALL the benefits of a regular Festival Pass, PLUS the following:

  • Enjoy hanging behind-the-scenes and see some of what it takes to run a successful show while also peeping how our counselors let their hair down.
  • We're upgrading our cushy backstage lounge this year with plenty of shaded seating along with a few places to lay lavishly.
  • You’ll also find our backstage area is fully equipped with its own private bar.
  • Pass holders will get access to our private luxury (yes an upgrade!) backstage restrooms – skip the lines and make restroom breaks the breeze they ought to be.
  • The VIB Pass comes with a ticket for a full plate of BBQ with all the fixins. Good for Friday, Saturday or Sunday feast. Meat or vegetarian options.

Thursday Arrival Pass is $75 and allows you to enter one day early into the campgrounds and secure prime camping space.

  • The gates and campgrounds will be open for you and your crew starting at 11am on Thursday, October 6th.
  • Access to the Pajama Party with an incredible surprise artist! Stay tuned for more info!
  • Coming in on Thursday will give you first dibs on prime campground space so you can grab that perfect spot.
  • With your campsite all set up and situated on Thursday, you’ll be ready to go first thing Friday morning to join the activities and enjoy a full 3-day weekend of Campout fun!
  • The special music guest starts at 8pm in the festival grounds on Thursday. The Campground Bar will start running on Thursday afternoon, but all Campout activities and full music stages will get underway on Friday at 12pm.
  • Thursday Arrival Pass holders will not be granted access to Dirtybird Campout without a full weekend Festival Pass.

Car Camping Pass, starts at $99, allows you to camp with your car.

  • Car Camping Passes will allow you to camp with your vehicle inside the campgrounds.
  • Car Camping Passes are limited with the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds location.
  • ALL vehicles entering Dirtybird Campout (except bicycles and motorcycles) must purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to their Festival Pass.
  • RV’s and vehicles with trailers will need to purchase an RV Camping Pass instead of a Car Camping Pass.

What pass does my vehicle need?

  • Van or Camper-Van = Car Camping Pass
  • Minibus or Bigger = RV Pass
  • Car with Trailer = RV Pass
  • 5th Wheel = RV Pass

The BBQ Feast Ticket for $25 offers a choice of Meat or Vegetarian Entree + Sides + Non-Alcoholic Drink.

  • Grill$on's BBQ will be serving up mouth-watering competition ribs and much more. It’s official. We’ve got the best BBQ in the nation!
  • We don’t skimp on the meat or all the fixins.
  • Meat Options: Pulled Pork Sandwich or Pulled Pork Loaded Potato with two pork ribs
  • Vegan Options: Smoked Beyond Meat Burger on a burger bun with lettuce, tomato, and vegan "special sauce" or Baked Potato loaded with Beyond Meat & a vegan friendly vegetable saute
  • Sides: cranberry coleslaw & mexican street corn (vegan upon request)
  • Drink: Waterloo sparkling water choice (original, strawberry, watermelon or lemon lime) or water

We are bringing back the Camp Bus! If you are flying in, love being eco-friendly, or just need a ride, we are here to help! This is a Roundtrip Shuttle Bus offered from OAK airport to the festival. Tickets start at $129 round trip.

Roundtrip Shuttle From OAK Airport to Campout

  • Exact drop off/pick location TBD - Last year it was the Oakland Coliseum Bart Stop in OAK
  • No more than one checked bag for the under-storage (no bigger than a checked airline bag)
  • No more than one backpack for over your head storage in the bus
  • Departure time from Oakland is 12pm PT on 10/07/21.
  • Departure time from Campout is 10:30am PT on 10/10/21
  • Camp Bus is a fun way to start your Campout and meet new friends along the way.

Phone-Charging Locker Rentals inside festival grounds. Tier 1 $45.00

  • This locker is a perfect place to charge your phone and store some alternate clothing so you can offload or change your look over the course of a festival day.
  • Located within the festival grounds next to games HQ right after you enter the festival space. The festival doors are closed from 4am to 10am. 

Our venue offers RV campsites with electric, water, and most have sewer hookups! RV Passes ALWAYS sell out FIRST – don’t delay! (See specific pricing below.)

3 Types of RV Passes

  • All the RV spots are prime camping locations - meaning they're closest to the festival location. Most of the hookups are all along the water and the non-hookups are not along the water, but the closest location to the festival.
  • RV Camping Pass with Full Hookups – Water, Power & Sewer - SOLD OUT
  • RV Camping Pass with Hookups – Water & Power $1,100 (SOLD OUT)
  • RV Camping Pass with No Hookups - starting at $550
  • For all hookups, we will be contacting you with spot assignments so you know where you'll be camping prior to arrival.

Our boutique camping options, starting at $1,849, is the closest festival location possible (right behind the Bass Lodge) and features: electricity, private showers and bathrooms. Let us handle all the dirty work for you!

  • Enjoy the Dirtybird Campout experience without the stress and hassle of hauling your gear and setting up by purchasing one of our Birds Nest Luxury Camp Packages.
  • Options are: 1 Queen Bed, 2 Twin Beds or 4 Twin Beds - with real comfy mattresses!
  • Electricity
  • A spacious 16’6” diameter, 10 ft high Luxury Canvas Tent
  • Two Chairs and one Round Table
  • One Bedside Table, Area Rug & Camp Light
  • 2 Camp Chairs per tent
  • Cooler + Free Ice Delivery (one per day)
  • Private FREE Camp Showers (one per guest per day)
  • One complimentary Preferred Parking Pass for easy unload per tent
  • Private bathrooms
*Event tickets not included – Birds Nest Luxury Camp residents must purchase an individual 3-Day Pass

We’re offering a limited quantity of prime group camping spots located near the festival. SOLD OUT

  • With room for up to 10 people, the space is roughly 24’ x 48’ and can fit 2 normal size cars and 4 tents.
  • This pass includes 2 Vehicle Passes so you can camp with your cars.
  • These killer sites also have ELECTRICAL (yes we're guaranteeing electrical outlets) plus access to bathrooms and shower facilities.
  • This ticket also includes FREE showers at the group camping shower facility!
  • Group Camping Concierge will be in touch with assigning vehicle passes and campers as well as location #'s so you know where you'll be camping prior to arrival.
  • Reserve your spot today so you can guarantee you and your friends your prime nesting spot for the weekend.