Arrive on Thursday - and join us for a B2B2B set with DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, & Mark Farina plus secure a Prime Campsite Space!

Want to be first to the party, beat the crowds, and secure that perfect spot for your camp? We're happy to announce that Dirtybird Campout is now offering the option to arrive on Thursday!

You can add a Thursday Arrival pass to your regular 3 Day Festival Pass. With Early Arrival, the gates and campgrounds will be open for you a day early, starting at 11am on Thursday, October 6th!

Thursday evening’s pajama party has become an intimate tradition that you won't want to miss. This year we’re getting a special B2B2B set from house music legends DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, & Mark Farina!

DJ Sneak B2B Derrik Carter B2B Mark Farina

DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, and Mark Farina began their history together in the 1980’s when Chicago was the world’s core of house music. Carlos Sosa aka DJ Sneak, moved to Chicago from the island of Puerto Rico, where his earliest musical encounters and influences were anchored in popular Latin orchestras and salsa. Sneak is known for his record label, 'Magnetic Recordings”, where he releases new music, compilations as well as introduces new talent and continues preaching the sound of Chicago House Music. Recognized as the disco filter pioneer, DJ Sneak’s musical style is diverse from banging' Chicago tracks and Latin tribal beats to disco filtered reworks of retro classics that speak to the soul.  Derrick Carter is one of the major players of Chicago house music's '90s wave. He has produced several mixed albums including Cosmic Disco on MixMag and Pagan Offering on Pagan, while also founding two labels, Blue Cucaracha and Classic. Derrick’s sets are rooted in house, but he freely ventures outside club tastes, seamlessly mixing old-school disco, soul, jazz and whatever else peaks his interest. Mark Farina’s funky underground house style continually turns the heads of global tastemakers. While exploring his love for the purist forms of House Music, Mark developed his trademark style: Mushroom Jazz - acid jazz infused with the West Coast’s jazzy, organic productions combined with urban beats. When Mark’s not touring the world, headlining festivals you’re likely to find him in his studio working on new releases or podcasts for his label, Great Lakes Audio. 

Arriving a day early will also give you first dibs on prime campground space, so you can grab that perfect shady spot. Come Friday morning you'll be ready to dive right into the activities, and enjoy a full 3- day weekend of Campout fun!

Stages and activities will begin on Friday, get there early to be the first ones in and ready to go!

**Thursday Arrival pass holders will not be granted access to Dirtybird Campout without a full weekend festival pass.**