Birds of a feather flock together – especially when it comes to Dirtybird fans! Birds coming to Campout are obviously fun loving, here for the awesome music...

Meet Your Best Friend

Birds of a feather flock together – especially when it comes to Dirtybird fans! Birds coming to Campout are obviously fun loving, here for the awesome music and build camaraderie around the camp games. There’s no better place to meet some cool new friends from all over the world!

Here are some actual stories of how people have met at Campout. The campsite seems like an especially popular place to meet fellow Birds. So be sure to be neighborly and open to chance encounters and making new friends wherever you go during the weekend – who knows, you may even meet your next BFF or the love of your life!

Campsite Buddies
  • Phillip met Courtney in 2015 when he came over to their tent and asked her and her friends to sing happy birthday to his brother Chris. They spent the rest of Campout together and have been to every Campout since!
  • Lauren was having a morning champagne toast when she decided to trade some drinks for shade with Marica and Dee. They became BFF’s despite living in different states.
  • Sally was introduced to Matthew at Dirtybird Campout West Coast when he squeezed into the camping spot next to her. She hated him and his friends at first for being so loud, but by the third night they were BFF’s and they flew out to Dirtybird Campout East Coast together this year!
On the Dancefloor
  • Richard and Krystal were both dancing their asses off to Walker & Royce. They’ve been BFF’s every since. Don’t underestimate the power of music, especially Dirtybird beats, in bringing people together!
Love Interests
  • Cande met her boyfriend Gabe at Dirtybird Campout West Coast last year. He lives in Florida and she lives in Uruguay. They now have a long distance relationship and are looking forward to meeting up this Campout.
Through Connections
  • After meeting online through mutual friends, Jake and Carly met in person for the first time at Dirtybird Campout East Coast when he invited her to come. They’ve now been to countless Dirtybird shows together!
  • Dirtybird Campout East Coast also brought Joanna and Caitlin together for the first time through mutual friends. They live on different coasts and can’t wait for their next Dirtybird event together.
Fun & Games
  • Mike was playing Beer Pong when he met Kah Yan at Campout last year. Activities are a great way to meet people!
On the Way to Campout
  • Turrell posted that he was looking to fill his car for Campout last year and Gabe, Manuel and Jorge all responded. After driving to Campout together they met Alexandra there and they’ve been a tight group ever since.
  • Post on socials if you’re looking for rides to Campout – it’s a great way to meet fellow Birds.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Your health and safety is our number one priority at Dirtybird Campout. We will be closely monitoring county and state guidelines and restrictions set forth and will adjust our plan as necessary. Please understand that our safety plans are subject to change.

We've put a lot of thought into how we are going to make this event the safest possible and our safety plans fall in line with our Dirtybird CampINN outline that just happened in May 2021.

We will be requiring either a negative COVID-19 test or Proof of Vaccination via card for entry in order to ensure the safety of our staff and attendees. If you haven't been fully vaccinated, all attendees will have to be tested with a rapid test on their way to the site using our recommended testing facility off-site at their own expense. Costs of this is forthcoming. With these safety guidelines in place, we hope that everyone will feel more comfortable and come prepared to stay safe and have a good time in the Fall.