Color Teams


Breaking records and shattering gender norms, we just do things different on the red side. Some might say we're a little backwards, but we wear that label with pride! We go harDER, betDER, fastDER and STRONG...Der. Say it with me!!! DER! DER! DER! DER!


Purple is about inclusivity and also decentralized leadership. We have only won the first year, have been the underdogs since. Our vibe is more chill then hype yet our tailgate the games shenanigans are 2nd to none with the biggest fan base reminding everybody that other colors are our friends and that it is not the score, but the fun that really matters.


ORANGE JUICE IT UP! Join this team if you're willing to risk it all for the win. Orange team is filled with fighters, you have to put it all on the table to join this squad.


Captain Greenz says, to be on Team Green you have to be willing to put it all on the line... To be able to let it fly free, fast and of course loose. There is a certain type of person who gravitates toward the green. Those that see more than what is presented and poke their heads through the mist to discover nuggets of joy. Those are not afraid to strut even after a night without sleep or a day in the dumps. And of course those who know that the grass is always greener WHERE YOU WATER IT!!!