Advice from your Veteran Dirtybird Campers

Intro Text : Grab a pen and paper and take some notes, some essential Dirtybird tips from our veteran campers are coming your way!
We asked our veteran Dirtybird campers, “if you could give one piece of advice to a virgin camper, what would it be?” Get a pen and paper...

Advice from your Veteran Dirtybird Campers

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We reached out and asked our veteran Dirtybird campers, “If you could give one piece of advice to a first time Dirtybird camper, what would it be?”

Grab a pen and paper and take some notes, some essential Dirtybird tips are coming your way!
Participate in all of the SPICIEST activities! Throw your ass at the bad drag show, bet your grandmothers left Chaco at frick frack black jack, watch some comedy at Claude’s Cabin, and of course you have to play some B I N G O with the bingo master himself! " - Allen Patrick

Dont insist on chilling with only your clique meet people, play games, dance at other peoples renegades, I went exploring renegades at 3am and ran into people from home it was serendipitous. You literally would be hard pressed to not make a friend here." -Xristo Morrison

If you thought you brought enough water- no you didn’t! " - Rebecca Del Rosario

Costumes are a must, specially if it’s a group costume! The weirder the better!" – Paola Perez
Bring or build a TOTEM - they are so much fun to dance with and you won't lose your friends!” - BB

Keep an open mind and take every opportunity to try new things that comes your way. Try all the activities you can and go to renegades every night. You wont regret it." - dckrnbws

Go check out artists you haven’t heard before and do the tug of war! - ChiddyWard

Bring your best walking shoes. My dogs were barking so bad from bad shoe choices. Also bring an extra tarp to put under your air mattress, the grass is so hard it will poke holes in it and you will end up sleeping in the ground" - DJ Pintsize
Pack warm clothes and blankets! And bathing suits, as its hot during the day but freezing at night! Participate in games even if you're afraid to. You'll always meet new friends! Bring a mask as it gets dusty while dancing. Don't fall asleep too early, the renegades are the best part!" -Elly Prozer

Bring decorations for your tent so you can find it again." - @ohokicm

Rideshares or shuttle is a great way to meet people before Campout." - @Lurking_stoner
If you think your clothes are too weird… they’re not weird enough. But no matter how weird or not weird your clothes are prepare to wear nothing during the day when it’s hot as heck and everything at night when it’s cold as heck.” - anonymous camper

A tent fan and eye mask! It will help you sleep in for at least 2 more hours after the sun is up." - Jess Savory

Bring dry ice instead of normal ice last longer and it’s gets really hot and dead cold so be prepared for the weather” - anonymous camper

"When it’s hot as balls outside dip a scarf in some cold water and wrap it around your neck/head! Life saver!!!” - anonymous camper

Bring more than one pair of shoes plus flip flops for the showers. - @ohokicm

Bring comfy shoes and athletic wear if you plan to play in the games. And a yoga mat if you want to do that in the mornings. - @ShroomaThurman

Bring a camping headlamp and keep it on you after dark.” - @ninjaroach

Don’t Saturday too hard on Friday" - anonymous camper

Make time for activities. This isn’t just a music festival – making friends while participating in the camp activities and then seeing those new friends later by the stage is what it’s all about.” - anonymous camper
If you’re planning to hit a sunrise set after playing in the sun all day, sneak in a nap that evening. You don’t want an epic crash after, you’ll miss more stuff the next day, and you’ll be tired and irritable. No one likes a grumpy camper.” - anonymous camper

Prime sleep time is from about 7 a.m. to noon, when there’s no music. Other than that, stick it out. You won’t regret it.” - anonymous camper

If you want to - go solo You’ll meet tons of chill people that will be willing to accept you into their group if you want.” - @Lurking_stoner

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