Listening to our flock of fans has always been our top priority. The flock loves our Modesto Reservoir Campground location as we’re striving to continue to bring you the finest for Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2021! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share our home of Camp Dirtybird with our Campers.

a few amenities of the Modesto Reservoir:

• The lake is grand, swimmable and clear. Perfect for water activities!

• RV Hookups will be lined up along the lake, promising amazing views.

• Showers, bathrooms and more available to use.

Some improvements we're making for 2021:

• Denoting which specific number you will be assigned for your Group Camping ticket spot or RV Hookup location.

• Continuing to ensure we have water locations in all festival areas.

• Ensuring to load campers in from the closest location first.
This is going to be an epic year. We miss our campers and are so excited to share this location with you!