The flock continues to love our Modesto Reservoir Campground location as we bring you only the finest for Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2022! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share our home of Camp Dirtybird with our Campers. Over the years we've been tracking requested improvements and we've delivered on everything requested. Below is a list of improvements that we've made over the years.

A few amenities and some festival improvements over the years:

• We haven't always been able to swim in the water at our early Campout locations. At Modesto Reservoir, the lake is grand, swimmable and clear.

• Showers and bathrooms are available everywhere and cleaned regularly for our use.

• We'll continue to denoting which specific number you will be assigned for your Group Camping ticket spot or RV Hookup location prior to entry.

• Ensuring to load campers in from the closest location first.

• Continuing to ensure we have water locations in all festival areas.

• Continuing to make sure we don't have a long line at the gate - no more than :45 min in from 2021!

• People loved the turf at the Birdhouse Stage and watered grass at the Bass Lodge...we'll continue to make sure we have some green areas that are well taken care.
This is going to be an epic year. We are so excited to share this location with you!