Campout Venue

Why Oak Canyon Park is the Best Spot for a Campout

The Convenient Layout and Location

Knocking at perfection in size, layout, and location everything is conveniently located at a painless 10 minute walk to and from each other. With flat ground, convenient parking, and short walks this location cuts out a lot of the moan and groan making it extra easy to relax, unwind, and get your Dirtybird on.

Sitting nicely between San Diego and Los Angeles, the location finds itself close to home for a good portion of the Dirtybird x Do LaB family. However we do encourage, honor, and appreciate those of you that make the long drive down to Campout with us – it’s worth it!


Serene Settings

The campgrounds are an oasis of perfection all on their own, nestled among the calming waters of the lake with a front row view of the breathtaking mountains. The festival grounds are situated in the heart of the park where lush green grass, shade giving trees, and a serene crystal pond will play home to the activities and music. Come prepared to get down & Dirtybird in the grass!

Pond and Trees at DBC - Get Tiny : Juliana Bernstein

Intimate Size

There is a certain magic that is unique to smaller, more intimate gatherings, and the Dirtybird Campout will have just that. The festival will nestle into the bottom of the hill playing host to an intimate and communal vibe – It doesn’t take long for strangers to become friends/family when you are seeing the same familiar faces throughout the experience. Also, no more worrying about losing your group or wondering if you’ll ever run into old and new friends!