East Coast Campout Info Coming October 30th

Yoga + Arts & Crafts at DBC 2017

August 31st, 2017

With over 100 activities to choose from throughout the weekend, Campout offers a wide variety of things to do both on and off the games field. If strenuous physical activity and team spirit are not your idea of a good time, rest assured this year’s schedule will be packed with opportunities to connect with your creative-self and beyond!

Just like summer camp when you were a kid, we’ve put together some arts & crafts focused activities along with some hands-on workshops that will take you back to the good ole days of paint stained hands and glitter just about everywhere. Gather your fellow campers and pay a visit to Craftopia! There you can express yourself artistically all the while leaving camp with some new skills and and hand-made souvenirs.

Good news for our yogi campers, attending Campout doesn’t mean you have to put a halt on your yoga practices either. Read all about these offerings and much more coming your way at Campout this year below!

Friendship Bracelet Making

Campout is all about the friendships, and there is no better way to show your BFFs some love than by making them a colorful and one-of-a-kind bead bracelet. Whether you arrived with your best buds or made some new ones at camp, your friendship bracelet will be the perfect accessory for the weekend. Happening daily at Craftopia.

Lanyards Making

Get down with a summer camp classic – lanyard making! Get flashy with your color combinations and patterns! With a bright creative lanyard you are sure to never lose those keys, or your backpack in a stack on the dancefloor. Happening daily at Craftopia.

Screen Printing – * Bring Your Own Tee *

Ever been curious about screen printing? Bring an old t-shirt and see how it’s done! Choose from an assortment of different fun designs that will give your old garment, a new life! Spots are limited so be sure to check times on schedule when you arrive and head over early for a better chance at securing your spot.

Tie-Dye – * Bring Your Own Tee *

Come to Tie-Dye and learn how to transform a piece of clothing into your very own psychedelic momento! Just bring an item you want to dye, and our team will help you create a one-of-a-kind souvenir made by you, just the way you like it. Spots are limited and fill up quick, so be sure to check times on schedule when you arrive and head over early for a better chance at securing your spot.

Watercolor Painting

Campout at South Shore has no shortage of inspiring scenery and moments. Go on and pick up a paintbrush and put those woodsy views and marshmallow-filled nights on a canvas! Your inner Van Gogh is calling… Happening daily at Craftopia.

Bike Decorating – * Friday Only! *

Spent a lot of time planning those Campout looks? Don’t forget about your wheels! At Craftopia we can help you ride in style. Bring your favorite bling, or if you need we’ve got some sparkle to help you and your whip make a lasting impression all through Campout and at the finish line of the Tour De Dance competition! Happening Friday only! Look for the schedule and times coming soon.

Totem Crafting

With an awesome totem stick, you’ll never lose sight of your squad! Get lost in the music NOT the crowd! At Craftopia we’ve got the stuff and the space to create a sign that tells the tale of your personality. Bring some of your own supplies to add that extra spice special to you & your crew!

Face & Body Art

Your body is a temple, and a canvas! Adorn it with your fanciest regalia and crown it with unique and artful face and body designs. Campout’s face and body art team stationed at Craftopia will leave you looking on the outside like the Queens and Kings you are inside! Time to hold court on the dance floor! Happening daily at Craftopia.

Hair Braiding & Wrapping

Looking to get fancy? Come on by and get your hair done! You may just leave with your look for the rest of the fest! Happening daily at Craftopia.

3-Day Survival Series hosted by Counselor Highlove

Knot Tying
Wood Carving
Leather Working

If you ever wondered how Bear Grylls of “Man vs. Wild” knows so much about surviving, the answer is Counselor Highlove! You too can be a student of Counselor Highlove and master the skills of knot tying, wood carving, and leather working. Even if you don’t go out into the wild that much, you’ll at least leave with some cool party tricks. One class will be offered each day – be sure to look for the schedule and times coming soon.

Yoga at Dirtybird Campout

Strengthen up for the field and get stretched for the dancefloor! Remember to take some quiet time at Campout at one of our many yoga classes. From vinyasa flow to acro yoga, it’s time to ground out, campers……remember to breathe deep.

This year we’ll have class offerings from The Divine Movement with Gina Turner and Tim Rothschild, Yo Yo Yoga ACROVINYASA with Antonella and Jordan, Kari Jaffe of This Yogi Life, and Newsha Rostampour. Two morning classes will be offered both Saturday and Sunday, along with a special sunset class on Friday evening! See schedule and times coming soon.

Dance classes

Need some fresh ideas for your victory dance on the field? Join one of our daily dance classes and pick up some fly moves from our resident instructors, Bento Box Crew. They’ll be covering everything from breakdancing, house dance and twerking. The classes are sure to warm you up and add to your technique and style. Even if you’re already a pro, you’ll get a chance to show us what you got in the open freestyle dance cypher at the end of each class. One class offered daily – be sure to look for the schedule and times coming soon!