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Will Clarke’s Counselor Essentials

August 5th, 2017

We’re asking your favorite Campout Counselors to weigh in on their Packing Essentials. Whether you’re a type-A packing planner or a last minute controlled chaos storm – Will Clarke’s Counselor Essentials are definitely must haves!

1. Beard Comb

This will be on me at all times as my beard does require some maintenance and people usually have the tendency to just touch it (p.s. if you do please antibac your hands its greatly appreciated). So the beard game will always be on point if i can comb at any possible chance.

2. BBQ’ing Tools

As we all know there is a sh*t load of food to cook and Grill$on can’t do it all by himself so with my bbq tools i can go give him an extra hand when needed.

3. Water

So this seems like a very standard item that is essential but lets be honest it gets hot as shit during the day time at campout so keeping hydrated is a must… However having a bottle of water on you at all times is always helpful when you come across a wet t-shirt competition and they are running out of water, yes always happy to help campers.