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Sacha Robotti’s Counselor Essentials

August 5th, 2017

Dirtybird Campout is around the corner and wanted to start giving you campers ideas on what to bring! Aside from putting together a full packing list (COMING SOON), we’re also asking your favorite Campout Counselors to weigh in on their Packing Essentials. Whether you’re a type A packing planner or a last minute controlled chaos storm – Sacha Robotti’s essentials are definitely must haves!

1. My whistle

As far as I’ve heard, it’s the loudest whistle in LA. Actually it’s not really an item as I whistle with my fingers. But without it I wouldn’t be able to make myself heard from across the forest (or dance floor). It’s a life saver, a party starter, and it can be really annoying when you stand next to it!

2. An XL jar of (preferably unsalted) cashew nuts

I’ve survived weeks in the wilderness only on those. They’re delicious and so fatty that just a small handful makes you feel like you’ve had a meal. Also you can sprinkle them on any food to make it more awesome. Cashews for the win!

3. Bottle of whiskey

I’m not promoting alcoholism here, but a bottle of whiskey is one of my go to items when it comes to camping. Evan Williams will do the trick if you don’t want to spend too much. Without Evan I wouldn’t have met half the people I met at my first Dirtybird Campout, meaning I wouldn’t have met my bud Joe who offered me a place to stay in LA. Besides being a social catalyst around the camp fire, it keeps you warm inside when it’s cold outside, and it’s also a proven antiseptic in case you get wounded in the great outdoors!