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Take A Step Into The Bunkhouse At Campout

September 7th, 2017

Calling all theater buffs, shower singers, class clowns, dance machines and natural born performers. The Bunkhouse at Dirtybird Campout is your go-to spot for non-stop shenanigans and one of a kind entertainment.

Test your skills and enjoy 15 minutes of Campout fame in any number of offerings open to campers including a talent show, karaoke, a beat box competition plus more! If you’re jonesing for a good joke, professional comedians will be on deck Saturday night supplying campers with hours of pure unadulterated humor and belly laughs.

Whether it suits your fancy to be a spectator or part of the spectacle, the Bunkhouse is stacked with experiences you do not want to miss!

New in 2017!

Dirtybird BBQ: Best In Show

It’s time to flaunt your style and win the Best in Show grand prize–tickets to the Dirtybird BBQ Tour in 2018! This fan favorite competition is hosted by MC and Grillmaster, GRILL$ON! Contestants will compete in the classic categories: Best costume, best sign or totem, best custom creation, and our first ever Live Shoe-Off with special guest judge Fisher! Don’t miss this one-time happening, going down Friday at the Bunkhouse.

Magic Show

Magic is in the air at Dirtybird Campout, and coming to life this year at The Bunkhouse. More than your simple cards and coin gag, our magic show will be a mastery of illusions that will leave you curiously questioning your reality! This will definitely be something you’ll want to write home about.

Letters From Home

Letters From Home is a sentimental journey with host W.C. Thornton and Pianist Lincoln Mendell as they read real letters from participants dealing with loss, love, pain, addiction, gratitude and the human experience as his team of improvisers takes the stage and acts out the various plot lines developed by the correspondence. In between letters W.C. and Lincoln sing show-stopping chart toppers and generally enjoy the the crowd in this whimsical show!

Bobbing for Apples Contest

If you have a good grip, come show us your chops at the Bobbing for Apples Contest. This will be an exhilarating scene to see who can get the most apples. Don’t be afraid to dive in!

Open Board Games

Take a load off and enjoy some classic game time fun! Post up with your pals and choose from our selection of vintage board games at the bunkhouse.

Welcome to Camp Dirtybird Ceremony

Hey campers! Get your camp all dialed, get your camper flare on and head over to the Bunkhouse for the welcoming ceremony. All the favorite faces you’ve been waiting to see since last year will be there getting the party started!

Talent Show

This is your moment, your time to shine! Showcase a talent, special skill or miraculous act of wonder for your chance to win the title of 2017’s Most Talented Camper! Happening Saturday at the Bunkhouse.

Camper Comedy Hour

The stand up night isn’t the only place to have a few laughs at the Dirtybird Campout! We are opening up the mic for our second Camper Comedy Hour Night. This all goes down during the BBQ at the Bunkhouse on Sunday afternoon! Sign up at Games HQ anytime before 1:00pm on Sunday. Comedian check-in will be at 1:15pm and space is limited, so pack up your best punchlines and arrive at the Bunkhouse a little early to secure your spot!

Beat Box Competition

Beatbox skills strong? Enter our 2nd annual Beatbox competition where participants will get a few minutes of glory, a mountain of street cred among their fellow campers and a chance to make a little dance floor magic with just a mouth and a mic.



Animal Encounter

It’s not a Campout without getting up close and personal with some wild animals, and we don’t mean your fellow campers on the dance floor. We’ve heard that our new home at San Antonio Campground has some feisty critters, mammals, and winged-friends that would love to say hello to you.

The Great Bingo Revival

At weirdo’clock every night, join us on an adventure into a magical world where bingo meets disco. The Great Bingo Revival is a unique experience with dance parties, prizes and a whole lot more.

Late Night Karaoke

At Dirtybird Campout, we take our Karaoke very seriously. Whether you’re singing from stage or cheering for a friend, this is a campout classic that will have you laughing until the sun comes up.

Closing Awards

You’ve made it campers, the blood, sweat and tears were all for this moment. The crowning of the winning color team and campout awards for 2017 will be held at the Bunkhouse immediately following the Iron Bird tournament. Afterwards the flag of the winning color team will be flown high above campout for the year to come.