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6 Reasons To Get An Early Arrival Pass

September 14th, 2017

For the first time ever we’re letting campers in the gates a day early!! Thanks to head counselor & the san antonio camp rangers negotiating hard for us, we’re now offering a $30 Early Arrival Pass as an add-on to your Festival Pass or Backstage Party Pass so that you can enter Campout on Thursday 10/5 from 2pm-11pm, before the festival opens for everyone on Friday.


In order to truly revel in as much as Campout has to offer, jump in the deep end for the full four days! For those who arrive on Thursday, here are just a few reasons to jump on snagging early arrival passes for you and your crew….

Beat Any Friday Traffic

Not only do Early Arrival Pass holders get to bypass Friday’s traffic and lines, but they also get a peace of mind knowing they won’t miss out on any opening festivities. While the Friday arrivers are still filing in and setting up camp, you’ll be deep into some Campout fun!

Get That Prime Camp Spot

Some of the weekend’s most unforgettable memories are often times made getting weird around camp with your festival fam. Arriving early gives you the best chance of securing prime and ample campground real estate for your crew. So grab that spot closest to the festival entrance, under a tree, or wherever you please because the early bird gets the worm every time!

Special Activites Only Happening Thursday!

To keep you campers entertained after your weekend homes pop up, we will have a handful of activities going down on Thursday! Here’s a list of the offerings that’ll be available for Early Arrival passholders:
• Early Games HQ Registration
• Dirtybird Staff Music
• Pajama Karaoke Party
• Late Night Movies

Wake Up Friday Ready To Go

No need to rush setting up camp! Getting an Early Arrival Pass allows you to settle in, kickback with your crew, and rest up before programming starts Friday at 12:30PM. Start the first full day of Campout ready to hit the games field or dance floor!

Explore the Lush New Campgrounds

Campout’s new home in Bradley, CA is just waiting to be explored! The venue comes with a larger campground and is rich in nature’s beauty with plentiful of lush trees and most importantly—adventure! Get the lay of the land inside our new campgrounds, find your Early Arrival friends, make new ones and soak in the beauty before gates open Friday by snaggin’ an Early Arrival Pass today! Please note: the main festival area will not be open to campers until Friday morning.

Get to Know Your Fellow Campers

Dirtybird Campout is a home to many active, creative and fun campers, so take this extra day to meet up with existing friends, connect with neighbors, and build new relationships with campers from all over!

Maximize your camp experience to its fullest potential the easiest way possible — by adding a whole extra day of fun! Get your Early Arrival Passes before they’re all gone!

Please note: Early Arrival Passes are needed per person, not per vehicle, to get into camp on Thursday.