OCTOBER 6TH - 8TH. 2017 X Bradley, California

Games & Activities Lineup

Put your game face on and let the festivities begin!

Last year we set the standard for fun in festivals with an all new event that took us on a journey through the near forgotten summer camp days of our past alongside some of the greatest icons of house music today. By all accounts, it was a smashing success with lively campout games that joined players and performers together like never before in the seamless spirit of friendly competition.

This time we’re back to turn it up a notch with more than eight hours of games and activities each day, a few new merit patches to earn and a whole lot more of the shenanigans you love. We’ve even got a few new surprises up our sleeves.

2015 favorites are back including tug of war, costumed boat relays and face painting. Along with several new additions including Late Night Bingo, Black Light Body Tie Dying, and the much anticipated match of muscles, the Ironbird Tournament.

Even if you’re just planning to attend Dirtybird Campout to bask in those sweet, sweet house party vibes you may want to give these fun-filled activities a quick peruse. Whether you’re looking for the chance to learn a new skill, a game to play with your friends or an opportunity to make a few new ones you’re sure to find a daytime game or activity that will take your Campout experience to the next level.



New in 2016
– Ironbird Tournament
– Wood Carving Workshop
– Pizza Social
– Drunken Waiter
– Sing Along
– Night Hikes
– Moonlit Capture the Flag
– Human Tie Dying
– Wood Carving
– Late Night Karaoke
– Campout Cornhole Tournament

Field Games
– Archery
– Tug of War
– Potato Sack Races

– Kickball
– Ultimate Frisbee
– Dodgeball
– Costumed Boat Relays

Arts and Crafts
– Bead / Friendship Bracelet Making
– Face & Body Art
– Lanyards
– Screen Printing
– Tie Dying
– Knot Tying
– Water Color Painting

Digital Detox
– Animal Encounters
– Nature Walks
– Yoga

Entertainment Hour
– Talent Show
– Comedy (Lineup Coming Soon!)
– Bingo

Late Night
– Sing Along
– Movies

– Scavenger Hunt