Festival Info & Policies

Venue Move specific Info & FAQ

Need to Know Info – New Venue Changes  

  • Vehicles at Campout: Every vehicle coming to Dirtybird Campout (except bicycles and motorcycles) must purchase a Vehicle Pass to enter the festival.
  • Vehicle Pass = Car Camping – Vehicle passes will allow you camp with your vehicle inside the campgrounds.
  • No Parking – There is no parking available onsite or around the venue.
  • More RV Camping– Our new venue now offers RV campsites with electric and water hookups!  RV Passes ALWAYS sell out FIRST – Don’t delay!
  • 2 Types of RV Passes – Our RV Passes are broken down into two different categories this year – Short and long!
    • RV Camping Pass with Hookups – Short (less than 27′)
    • RV Camping Pass with Hookups – Long (more than 27′)
  • Still 21+ – Sorry kids, no one under 21 is allowed to attend Dirtybird Campout.


Why is Dirtybird Campout moving venues? What happened to the old venue?

Due to new zoning laws and restrictions, the Oak Canyon Park venue can no longer allow us to produce Dirtybird Campout as we’ve come to know and love it. Sound ordinance restrictions and reduced campground space were a few of the main variables involved in the decision, but there were multiple reasons we decided to make the move.


The San Antonio Campground will allow us the space and setting to continue making Dirtybird Campout one of the most unique festival experiences out there for years to come!


Where is the new venue located?

Our new home to Dirtybird Campout is a genuine campground and a picturesque paradise nestled in the hills of Bradley, California.


Lake San Antonio – SOUTH SHORE

74255 San Antonio Road

Bradley, CA 93426

See it on a Google Map


Will there be changes to tickets and pricing?

There will now be three tiers of Earlybird Festival Passes, instead of two. Additionally, there are some changes to vehicle pass pricing since all vehicles coming to the event will be required to purchase a Vehicle Pass (which replaces the previously optional Car Camping Pass), and the RV Camping Passes now include water & power hookups.


Will there still be payment plans?

Easy monthly payment plans will be available with any Dirtybird Campout ticket purchase, not just your Weekend Festival Pass! Just select “Affirm” in the payment method drop down menu (instead of a credit/debit card) during checkout. The green ‘PAY NOW’ button will change to a green ‘CONTINUE WITH AFFIRM’ button and you will be able to pick from a three- or six- month installment plan.


What pass does my vehicle need?

  • Van or Camper-Van =  Vehicle Pass
  • Minibus or bigger = RV Pass
  • Car with Trailer = RV Pass
  • 5th Wheel = RV Pass


Can I camp with my car?

Yes! In fact, everyone that brings a vehicle to Dirtybird Campout will be able to camp next to their vehicle. There will be no additional parking lots in or around the venue. For this reason, ALL attendees with vehicles entering Dirtybird Campout (except bicycles and motorcycles) must purchase a Vehicle or RV Camping Pass in addition to their festival ticket.


Will there still be Kodiak camping?

Yes! Kodiak camping options will still be available. Dirtybird Campout will offer pre-set up Camp Kodiak packages for those who want to come enjoy the Campout experience but don’t have the time, energy or suitcase space to shop for, pack up and bring all of their own camping gear. Let us handle all the dirty work and just sit back and enjoy your stay. Camp Kodiak Package info can be found in the ticket descriptions.


I’m coming from out of town. What airport do I fly to?
The 3 closest major airports are San Jose (SJC, 147mi), San Francisco (SFO, 179mi) and Los Angeles (LAX, 240mi). San Luis Obispo (SBP, 64mi) is technically the closest airport, however it has less frequent routes which usually means higher costs involved, so please keep that in mind when planning your travels.


You can hitch a ride to Dirtybird Campout on the Camp Bus from San Francisco and Los Angeles airports. Tickets will be available to purchase during the General Onsale.

What are my transportation options getting to the event if I don’t have a car?
There are Camp Bus tickets available for purchase offering round-trip transportation from LAX or SFO to the event. Exact times and locations for the Camp Buses will be released with general onsale information.


Is the Birdfeed Pre-Sale still happening?

Yes! We will send out individual access codes with more information later today, and the Pre-Sale will begin on Friday at 10am PDT. Remember, only subscribers who joined by May 15 at 11:59pm PDT are eligible for this perk.


If I am interested in contributing through Work Exchange, do I need to buy a festival pass now?

You do not need to purchase your pass now if you plan to do Work Exchange, however be aware that Dirtybird Campout will most likely sell out this year. If you want to secure your spot on the games field, it’s always best to lock in your pass and if you’re accepted into our Counselor-in-Training Program you can have your ticket refunded.


Camping Packages – Camp Kodiak

Camp Kodiak is for the busy or not-so-campy campers looking for quick and comfortable festival accommodations with a few added amenities from home. All guests will be greeted at the on-site box office for check in and directed to the campground where your luxury tent will be set up and waiting for you. Unload with ease and enjoy the convenience of Camp Kodiak private parking and bathrooms, accessed only by Camp Kodiak guests and staff. Save yourself some time and energy that goes along with set up and immediately begin exploring and partaking in some summer camp fun!


Campground Etiquette

Free Form Camping – The tent and car camping areas at Dirtybird Campout are free form, meaning we don’t block out camping spots, we just fill people in where they fit.

Bring Only What You Need – We are counting on each of you to help us save space and only use as much as you need.

Keep It Compact – Make friends with your neighbors, and help eliminate wasted space between sites. Share the land by aiming to keep your site within the recommended parameters for every 2 people in your camp.

Don’t Camp On The Roads – There will be roads and fire lanes in the campgrounds, do not build your camp in any of them or you will be asked to move.

No Land Grabbing – If you want to camp with your friends please be sure to arrive with them, you will not be allowed to save large plots of land for people that are arriving later than you.

No In & Outs For Car Campers – There is no coming and going throughout the weekend – once you are parked, you’re parked (both your car and your tent). Please plan accordingly.

Permitted Items

YES Good vibes

YES Backpacks

YES Cameras

YES Alcohol. A reasonable amount for personal consumption

YES Coolers in campgrounds

YES Following our simple rules to make this a better place

YES small, enclosed propane stoves

Prohibited Items

NO Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns

NO Charcoal grills or open flame stoves

NO Public nudity

NO Sound systems

NO Dogs/pets

NO Illegal drugs/substances

NO Weapons of any kind!

NO Kegs

NO Coolers in festival grounds

NO Glass bottles or glass containers outside of campgrounds

Alcohol Policy

Keep your beer and alcohol back at camp! There will be no alcohol permitted within the inner festival grounds where the stages, games and activities will be held.

Cooking, Grilling & Campfires

Due to the CA state drought / high fire risk all open flame and charcoal grills are not allowed at Dirtybird Campout. The BBQ’s will take place on Saturday and Sunday, and there will also be several delicious food vendors. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Navigating Through The Campsites

All of the streets within the campgrounds will be named so you can coordinate with your friends to find out where you want to camp. There is limited cell phone service at this venue so meeting up may be difficult.

Trash In Campgrounds

Dirtybird Campout is a “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful” event. Do your part by taking all your trash with you when you leave and help familiarize your neighbors with our waste policy so that they do the same.