Words of Wisdom from Your Camp Leader, VonStroke


Protect Yourself & Your Fellow Birds!

The Dirtybird family is a community and it’s our responsibility to keep it alive and thriving. Take responsibility for yourself, treat others with respect,  know your limits, and use your head! Don’t be a Dodo Bird and ruin the party for the rest of the nest!

Do the Bird Like No One’s Watching 

Dirtybird Campout is a place where we encourage freedom of expression and unlocking your inner child. Come ready to be your wierdest self and do the bird like no one’s watching!

Respect the Nest

It’s our responsibility to the Earth and ourselves to leave the land the same or better than we found it! Clean up after yourself and remember to take your camp trash home! Need a trash bag? Come get one at the Ranger HQ in the Camp Plaza!

Watch Yo Wings

The Campout takes place on public land, and even though it feels like a remote environment, federal, state, and local laws remain in effect. Pay attention & respect the law & your rights!

All from the Same Flock

Inside the Campout, levels of superiority no longer exist – artists, volunteers, and attendees are all here as one campout community. Check your ego at the door – Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Thanks for helping us make Dirtybird Campout a safe & incredible experience!