Year: 2016

“After the Christian Martian sunrise set a girl walks up to CVS and claims she’s a semi pro ping pong play and challenges him to a match. Of course he accepts the challenge. We follow them to the ping pong tables to check it out. Once they started it was pretty even but then Claude […]

“While lounging in the shade on Sunday afternoon near the Late Night Lodge with hundreds of other campers, a man comes onto the stage and starts pretending to DJ. No sound… just standing on stage waving his hands around with headphones on. A group of friends walking by run over and start dancing on the […]

“Doorly DJ’d brunch at our campsite. Only at DBC. One night, our friend was walking back to our campsite, and ran into Justin Martin. They began to talk and noticed that in the distance, and RV party was playing “Function.” It looked like the RV only had 5-6 people inside, so my friend convinced Justin […]